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Janet Isdaner, LCSW Director, Social Work and
Transitional Living Programs
Sandra Benti, LCSW Senior Social Worker 203.801.2312
Brad Bloom, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.2350
Jane Duncan, LCSW Transitional Living Program Coordinator 203.801.2381
Lisa Goldenberg, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.2356
Nicole Goudreau, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.3425
Carolyn Grobe, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.2379
Tima Hambleton, MSW Social Worker 203.801.2214
Laura Hart, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.3438
Peter Jones, CADC Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor 203.801.2325
Jennifer L'Herbette, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.2308
Tracey Masella, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.3421
Chad McDonald, LADC Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor 203.801.2256
Micaela Scully, MSW Social Worker 203.801.2338
Heather Smith, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.2330
Wallace Stacy, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.2322
Noel Sicat, MSW Social Worker 203.801.3426
Kathleen Thompson, LCSW Chaplain and Family Program Manager 203.801.3418
Erin Weller, LCSW Social Worker 203.801.2334
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