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Extensive Programs For Adolescents

Silver Hill Hospital provides treatment for adolescents, ages 13 – 17, who may be struggling with one or more psychiatric disorders and/or an addiction.


Adolescent patients treated at Silver Hill Hospital benefit from the availability of both inpatient and on-campus Transitional Living treatment programs. All are under the care of our exemplary staff, including board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists. And all are provided in a warm, supportive and homelike atmosphere conducive to treatment and recovery.


Because adolescents and adults have different needs Silver Hill Hospital provides separate programs and facilities within the hospital campus so we can focus on the unique requirements of each of these age groups.


Every patient is assigned a Silver Hill staff psychiatrist. Admission always begins with a diagnostic assessment and the development of a treatment plan. Typically these occur in consultation with the referring clinician. Based on the initial assessment treatment interventions might include medication management, group therapy, family work and individual consultation sessions with the psychiatrist. Group therapies are the mainstay of our programs and might include, depending on need, skills training, education about illnesses, psychodynamic process groups, DBT, 12-step groups and other forms of group treatment.


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"Silver Hill was a learning experience for me because there's more than one way to treat something and people respond differently. Silver Hill was very smart in trying to find the right balance of medication and therapy for my daughter."

- Larry