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Programs for Teens With Psychiatric Problems

The adolescent years are challenging years to go through for almost everyone. Yet, every person is unique and some of us need a little more help in some areas than in others. At Silver Hill we appreciate the unique qualities of every teenager who comes to us and seek to find the best course of treatment for that individual’s behavioral development.

Inpatient Program

Here the goal is to first stabilize the patient. The typical length of stay is a week to 10 days. After this additional treatment may be considered as needed. Click Learn More for more about our Inpatient Program.

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Transitional Living Program

Going beyond inpatient stabilization. This is an extended-stay program where adolescents identify and begin to heal their behavioral problem while living in a comfortable home-like atmosphere on campus. 

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"The individual care, respect and compassion that was given to me here was far superior to what I received elsewhere. There is no comparison."

- Anonymous