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The Chronic Pain and Recovery Center

              Putting Pain Control Under Your Control

The Chronic Pain and Recovery Center is for individuals with long-standing chronic pain when their past and current chronic pain treatments have not provided adequate relief; or when the use of large amounts of opiate pain medication is causing problems in their lives; or when depression, anxiety or other emotional problems are complicating their recovery from chronic pain.

If this description fits you, our chronic pain treatment program aims to help you:

  • Reduce your experience of pain
  • Markedly reduce or, if possible, eliminate your dependence on opioid pain treatment medication
  • Increase your ability to function more effectively in your day-to-day life
  • Improve quality of life
  • And, most importantly, put the control of pain where it belongs - under your control.

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Can you expect to become free of pain through our Chronic Pain and Recovery program?

Some patients leave our program pain free, but more often two things happen: patients experience a significant reduction in chronic pain; and patients learn to take control of any residual chronic pain so they are much less limited by it and are able to lead fuller, more rewarding lives.

Can you expect to become opiate-free through our Chronic Pain and Recovery program?

We believe that being opiate-free is often the best course but may not be the best plan for your particular chronic pain problem. While most patients in our chronic pain program can achieve total abstinence from opiates many will need a pain treatment plan that includes low-dose opiate pain medication. In that case we will teach you how to manage on a low dose – and how to keep it there. For others their final chronic pain treatment plan may include the medication buprenorphine (Suboxone), a partial opiate that provides pain relief for those who need it and also helps you avoid returning to full-strength opiate medication if your pain treatment plan does not include it.

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