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Intensive Treatment For Severe Personality Disorders

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (DBT)

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program for 
Personality Disorders is a highly structured form of behavioral therapy that teaches patients the skills necessary to regulate emotions, control self-destructive behaviors and improve interpersonal relations. It was developed for patients with severe personality disorders, including borderline personality disorders.

Our DBT Program, one of the very few residential programs in the country, is for patients with a demonstrated history of poor emotional control, impulsivity, self-damaging behaviors and interpersonal disorganization. It is a highly structured, intensive program for patients who do not need close inpatient supervision but are not able to manage successfully in an outpatient setting.

Our specialized, DBT-trained team consists of psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and counselors. Treatment focuses on DBT skills training groups and coaching that teach patients how to better regulate their emotions and how to replace dysfunctional coping strategies with more adaptive behaviors.

As with our other Transitional Living Programs the entire array of services at Silver Hill are available to patients as needed. However, our focus on the residential setting, under the 24-hour supervision of trained residential counselors, offers the unusual opportunity to practice skills learned during the day throughout the rest of the patient’s waking hours.


Eating Disorders 

Every patient with an eating disorder who comes to Silver Hill for treatment is individually evaluated. Depending on the patient’s needs their treatment may be administered either within our DBT Program or our Co-Occurring Disorders Program.

The Eating Disorder Program gives patients autonomous control over abnormal eating

behaviors. Treatment includes comprehensive evaluation and a program that emphasizes individual control of problem behaviors. The treatment program uses a combination of cognitive, behavioral and psychological techniques. Supervised meals, which emphasize the development of new eating patterns, are a key part of the program. If patients have substance use disorders or another psychiatric disorder in addition to an eating disorder, the patient’s treatment plan will be modified to include all such disorders. Adult patients can participate in the Eating Disorders Program as part of the residential Transitional Living Program.

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"I would certainly recommend Silver Hill as a place that is safe and secure. The environment, the staff, and the way treatment is carried out here makes this a place where a successful recovery is truly possible."

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