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You’ve made the decision to seek treatment for a psychiatric or substance use disorder. But how do you decide which treatment facility is best for you? What should you consider when choosing where to get treatment? At Silver Hill Hospital, we believe the following essential elements are critical to making your choice.

Silver Hill HospitalOther Facility
Does the facility solely focus on psychiatry and addiction treatment?
Can the facility justify the claim of being able to identify and treat co-occurring or dual disorders?
Does the facility you’re considering offer multiple levels of care and specialized treatment programs?
Does the program offer intensive family programs?
Is the location convenient?
Is the clinical staff experienced and licensed?
Is the facility you’re considering accredited and have external oversight?
Does the physical environment of the program you’re considering foster recovery?

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"In all our improvements, we not only maintained our New England tradition, but also thought to respect our neighborhood and care for the environment."

- Elizabeth Moore