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People Really Do Make The Difference

When we are asked, “Why should I choose Silver Hill?” we respond with many of the reasons you have probably already read about on this website: Over 80 years of experience. A clinical staff that is second-to-none. A beautiful and spacious campus set in the peaceful Connecticut countryside. Wonderfully equipped facilities. First-class professional accreditations. All these add up to why Silver Hill is one of the country’s premier psychiatric facilities.


But the one element we constantly come back to as, perhaps the most important of all, is our exemplary staff. It’s true; people really do make the difference. And we take great care in whom we select to join our staff. We invite you to review the biographies of our staff psychiatrists. Not only is their experience impressive but also they are people with whom we enjoy working. We know this makes for a better experience for our patients as well.


Whatever reason you may choose to select Silver Hill Hospital, you will be in good hands.

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