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President's Message

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our website and for giving us the opportunity to tell you about ourselves.

The mission of Silver Hill Hospital is quite simple – we are here to provide the best possible treatment to persons suffering from mental illness, addictive disorders or both. We have been carrying out this mission for over 80 years and have earned the reputation for being one of the premiere psychiatric hospitals in the country.

When Silver Hill Hospital was founded in 1931 the Hospital’s founders established its guiding principles. Patients were to be treated with dignity and respect. They were to be active participants in their own treatments and agents of their own recovery. They were to be afforded both the best standard treatments of the day and the most innovative new treatments. They might remain at Silver Hill until they were ready to resume their normal lives. And all of this would take place in a tranquil, dignified setting designed to foster the process of recovery.

Today, great leaps forward in understanding disorders of the brain – mental disorders and addictions – have revolutionized treatments. New pharmacologic treatments are coming along almost weekly. Recently developed, powerful and effective new techniques of individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy are becoming mainstays of treatment.

Yet the vision of the founders of Silver Hill remains as healthy, vital and relevant today as it was when it was conceived. I am confident that we do provide some of the best treatment programs for psychiatric and substance use disorders available anywhere. And we wholeheartedly continue to embrace the belief that the environment of treatment is a powerful adjunct to the techniques of treatment. More than anything else, our success in integrating these two aspects distinguishes us from almost all other psychiatric facilities and, indeed, is what makes us a great hospital.

Although we offer much at Silver Hill, the most important thing we offer is the hope for a better life. The only reason we work with our patients and their families is to help them fulfill this hope.


Sigurd H. Ackerman, MD

President and Medical Director
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