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Staff Directory | Physicians

Sigurd Ackerman, M.D. President and Medical Director 203.801.2215
Eric D. Collins, M.D. Physician-In-Chief 203.801.2241
Ava Albrecht, M.D. Adolescent Inpatient Service Chief 203.801.2233
Michael Brennan, M.D. Assistant Medical Director
Chronic Pain and Recovery Center
Shannon Caspersen, M.D., M.Phil. Attending Psychiatrist 203.801.2202
Mark Cerbone, M.D. Adult Service Chief 203.801.3463
John Douglas, M.D., M.B.A. Clinical Director, Outpatient Addiction Program 203.801.2231
Amir Garakani, M.D. Attending Psychiatrist 203.801.2323
Irwin Gelman, M.D. Attending Psychiatrist 203.801.2236
Marie Antoinette Handler, M.D. Admissions Service Chief 203.801.2202
Anri Kissilenko, M.D. Acute Care and Geriatric Service Chief 203.801.2235
Aaron Krasner, M.D. Adolescent TLP Service Chief 203.801.3427
Rocco Marotta, M.D., Ph.D. Adult TLP Service Chief 203.801.3456
John R. Meyers, M.D. Attending Psychiatrist 203.801.3460
Christine Naungayan, MD Attending Psychiatrist 203.379.0036
Seth A. Resnick, M.D. Chronic Pain and Recovery Center Service Chief 203.801.3499
Seddon Savage, M.D., M.S. Medical Director
Chronic Pain and Recovery Center
Ellyn Shander, M.D. Associate Psychiatrist 203.561.0414
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