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Volunteer at Silver Hill

Support Our Patients with Your Gift of Time

Volunteers make up a sizeable part of the great things going on at Silver Hill. Some of them are alumni who have successfully completed our programs; others come to us from the community.  All of them find rewards in giving their time. In addition to helping our patients and staff, they help themselves in any of a number of ways.  Depending on your own interests and experience, you could:


•     Explore a new career

•     Enhance your knowledge

•     Strengthen your recovery

•     Use your skills and experiences to benefit others

•     Share a hobby

•     Expand your personal and professional network


Our patients benefit in so many ways from the time, talents and experiences of volunteers. Those who are personally in recovery from the conditions we treat are beacons of hope for our patients. Those who bring in a hobby to share (such as crafts, board games, writing, art, gardening and music) provide a welcome creative outlet, as well as a way to remain connected to the community. Volunteers who assist our staff or take a special project off their hands, free the staff to give their full attention to the functions that only they can perform. Those who offer comfort to families and patients during the admissions process make a difficult time just a little easier.


Whatever your reasons for volunteering and for any amount of time you have to give, we encourage you to contact us. The Volunteer Services Manager will work with you to create a meaningful and rewarding opportunity that meets your needs and ours. It's a paradox, but we know it's true: you will receive far more than you give.


All volunteers will be oriented to the hospital and its procedures and protocols for working in our facilities and with psychiatric and/or addicted patients.

To apply for a volunteer position, please complete the Volunteer Application. We look forward to hearing from you! 
Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas: (Please click on the opportunity to learn more)


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"The family program was eye-opening, informative and vital aspect of your treatment program. I would highly recommend it to all people going through a crisis in their lives."

 - Anonymous