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Not many other facilities can compete with the high quality and comprehensiveness of care offered at Silver Hill. Our sizeable and exemplary staff –which always includes psychiatrists on premises 24/7, first-class hospital facilities, spacious campus, and leading-edge electronic medical records, all help Silver Hill patients get down to the business of getting well. From their first day on campus through outpatient follow-up, Silver Hill patients receive the consistent, personalized care they need, every step of the way, from one, unified staff.


Because Silver Hill is a hospital and because Silver Hill can provide both inpatient and continuing, transitional on-campus treatment, patients have the advantage of an unusually broad and comprehensive range of programs on premises.


Silver Hill Hospital’s extensive campus and wide-ranging services allow us to offer a “continuum of care.” This means that the treatment plan for our patients can be based on the level of care they need and the amount of time they need it, with enough flexibility to adjust the plan to each patient’s progress. Simply put, it’s all here for our patients: one extensive facility, one unified staff, one convenient location.


Inpatient -

• To help patients achieve rapid stabilization during inpatient care we provide a high staff-to-patient ratio of psychiatrists, nurses and social workers. Silver Hill is also one of the few hospitals in the nation equipped with completely electronic medical records which help assure all staff are up-to-date on patient data.


Transitional Living -

• For longer stay treatment our Transitional Living Programs (TLP), for either adults or adolescents, provide continuing on-campus treatment within comfortable living facilities devoted just to our TLP patients and their programs. 


Intensive Outpatient -

• Silver Hill concentrates on providing Intensive Outpatient treatment in either four or six week programs tailored for adults. The same unified staff continues to carefully guide and monitor the patient’s progress with carefully tailored programs and consultations.


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"Once at Silver Hill, I didn't have to do anything except try to focus on myself, which was a whole new thing for me." - Amy