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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (DBT)

This is a Transitional Living Program where patients live on the Silver Hill campus in a house that is staffed 24-hours a day with DBT-trained personnel. It is one of the very few such programs of its kind available in the United States. Most team members are intensively DBT-trained and all participate in a weekly consultation team. The length of stay for this phase of treatment is 4 weeks, and some patients extend their treatment beyond this minimum. This program is self-pay – a small portion of the program may be covered by insurance. Our staff will help you determine if you have this benefit.

The DBT program is a highly structured, intensive program for patients who do not need close inpatient supervision but are not yet able to manage successfully in an outpatient setting. For those who may be ready for an outpatient setting our DBT Skills Groups Intensive Outpatient Programs are available.

For patients who may require a high degree of supervision Silver Hill Hospital offers its Inpatient Program.

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 "At this point in my life, over five years later, I feel like Silver Hill gave me back myself. It gave my family a daughter back; it gave my friends a friend back. I'm the person that I'm supposed to be."

- Elizabeth