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Protecting the Patient’s Privacy

Patients have the right to privacy. The assurance that a patient’s privacy will be respected is uppermost in the minds of everyone who works at Silver Hill.


We count on our patients and their family members to respect the rights of their fellow patients and families regarding confidentiality and we assure you that our staff is committed to maintaining your confidentiality as well. Our telephone, email and web-based communications are also designed with high levels of security.


To protect your confidentiality, Silver Hill Hospital staff will not confirm or deny the presence of any patient without the patient’s written consent. This applies to families as well. We do not permit the use of recording devices or cameras.


Confidentiality & Patient Records

Silver Hill Hospital is a HIPAA compliant facility and follows federal and state regulations regarding confidentiality and the release of patient information, which may include psychiatric diagnosis, drug and alcohol abuse, and HIV/HBV status. It is our policy to disclose treatment information both verbally and in writing to referring clinicians whenever necessary to further the objectives of diagnosis and treatment. Speak with your therapist about any concerns you may have regarding your medical records. Please refer to the Notice of Privacy Practices for complete information on release of patient information.


Patient Records
All information contained in the Silver Hill Hospital medical record is confidential and protected by Federal  Law under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

An original properly completed HIPAA authorization is required prior to the release of any information (exceptions per HIPAA regulation).

All authorizations must be signed by the patient or legal representative.

Requirements to sign an authorization for release of medical records:
  • Patient - must be competent and of legal age of 16 or older
  • Minor patients - signed authorization by legal guardian or custodial parent
  • Deceased patients - signed authorization by Executor of the Estate with copy of court papers granting conservatorship
  • Conservator - signed authorization by conservator with copy of court papers granting conservatorship

Fee:  No charge for copies of 15 pages or less, 16 pages or more are $.65 per page
         No charge for copies sent directly to physicians, hospitals, therapists or social service agencies
All requests for medical record information are completed by the Health Information Management Department (HIM).
Contact Information:       Silver Hill Hospital
                                     HIM Department
                                     208 Valley Road
                                     New Canaan, CT 06840
                                     203 801.2250

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