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I would certainly recommend Silver Hill as a place that is safe and secure. The environment, the staff, and the way treatment is carried out here makes this a place where a successful recovery is truly possible.
- Michael, former patient
When addiction has an additional component, recovery can be challenging

While you may be seeking treatment for addiction, we find that there is often a psychiatric disorder that occurs along with it such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. Our treatment team – which includes five psychiatrists with addiction certification – has the expertise and experience to treat even the most complex presentations. Each patient who comes to Silver Hill receives a thorough evaluation and a treatment plan suited to their needs.

Who we treat

Our program is designed to treat adults with addictions to a variety of substances including, alcohol, cocaine, prescription opioids, heroin, marijuana, and other substances of abuse.

We also have programs to support the families of our patients with information, education and counseling on how to best help their loved ones throughout their recovery.

How we treat

Our approach to treatment is abstinence-based, but when necessary, we will provide medication-assisted treatments that have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of relapse, or that are indicated in the treatment of a co-occurring psychiatric disorder.

The foundation of our treatment is evidence-based therapies, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Where we treat

When you come to Silver Hill for treatment, you can expect a safe environment that promotes healing and recovery. We offer three levels of care that correspond with each patient’s level of need.

Treatment often begins in our inpatient level of care. Patients are admitted for detoxification and begin treatment for co-occurring psychiatric disorders as needed.

After this initial phase of treatment, patients can move on to our transitional living program, where they develop an understanding of their disorder and the skills to manage the recovery process. Because we understand that addiction and co-occurring disorders affect women differently from men, we have developed a separate women’s only program.

The third level of treatment is outpatient. We offer an intensive outpatient program in which patients live at home and come to Silver Hill for therapy led by our clinicians. If that is not feasible or desired, we can arrange a post-discharge plan for treatment outside Silver Hill.

We also offer a six-week outpatient addiction program to help people struggling with addiction to break the cycle of relapse and maintain their sobriety.

What you will take away

You will leave your treatment at Silver Hill with the psychological understanding and behavioral skills necessary for a successful recovery. You will be equipped with the ability to manage emotions, identify triggers, prevent relapse, and improve self-esteem. Our patients tend to have a high level of satisfaction with their treatment, and a low level of relapse after it.

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