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Transitional Living Program

Patient Experience
What you will experience

During your stay, you will reside in one of the residences on our campus – Barrett House, which is reserved for women, or Scavetta House, which is for men only. Rooms in the residences have private baths and accommodate two people. (Private rooms are available at an additional cost.) There is a washing machine and a dryer on premises for laundry. While personal cellphones and computers are not permitted, you will have access to iPads and computers within the residences. Each day you will participate in individual and group therapy. Visitors are permitted during regular visiting hours. An onsite fitness center, large gymnasium and indoor pool are available to patients.

Your 14-hour daily schedule will vary by day and week, but typically includes some or all of the following elements:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Group Therapy
  • Twelve Step Meetings
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training
  • Recovery Discussion Meetings
  • Yoga or Mindfulness Meditation
  • Fitness and Recreational Activities
  • Visiting Hours
We encourage family participation

We recognize that the entire family can be affected when one member has an addiction or psychiatric disorder.  That’s why we schedule regular meetings with family members, and offer several programs to help patients and their families throughout the recovery process.

Our 4-day Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders Family Program offers families the opportunity to learn about the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of addictions and mood disorders. The program includes education about relapse prevention and aftercare strategies, communication strategies, conflict resolution and the opportunity to meet with other families in similar situations. Information on the neurobiology of addiction and mood disorders along with medication education are also a part of this program.

Our patients get better

Patients who complete our transitional living program tell us their treatment was a vital part of their recovery. 80% of patients reported being alcohol and drug free within a year of discharge.

Additional Wellness Services

Patients may also purchase our Wellness Services which offer a holistic approach to recovery in recognition of the integration of body, mind and spirit. Services include yoga, acupuncture, personal fitness training, meditation and massage therapy. These alternative therapies are meant to be complementary to traditional medical care, not a substitute for it. They are most effective when combined with medical treatment to help alleviate symptoms of pain and anxiety. The benefits, both short term and long, help promote a feeling of wellness.

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Campus Map

Transitional living takes place in Barrett House and Scavetta House.

Take a look inside
Click through the photo gallery to view the accommodations in Barrett House and Scavetta House.
Wondering what to bring?

New Canaan is located in Southern New England and weather conditions change seasonally and sometimes during the day. We recommend that you bring one week’s worth of clothing, in one small suitcase and that you be prepared to “layer”.

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To learn more about our range of Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders programs please download our brochure.

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