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Psychotic Disorders Center

Patient Experience
The environment at Silver Hill was safe, warm, comfortable and conducive for the work that needed to be done. I am very optimistic for the future and profoundly grateful for my Silver Hill experience.
- Anonymous
How we will help you get back on track

The goal of the transitional living program is to provide patients the intensive treatment they need to reduce the signs and symptoms of their illness, improve their interpersonal and family relationships, and enhance their skills for independent living.

When patients arrive they are given a comprehensive neuropsychiatric assessment along with a review of their diagnosis and treatment history. We will order neuroimaging and neuropsychological testing when they are clinically indicated. Based on this evaluation, our clinicians will develop an individualized treatment plan.

The program is built around an active schedule of groups, individual work and activities geared toward remediation of the psychosocial and cognitive deficits associated with the illness. The psychosocial skills taught in this program focus on independent living, making daily life decisions, social integration and management of time and resources. Patients also work on skills to increase self-awareness, reduce stress and improve self-confidence.

Patients also receive Cognitive Remediation Training (CRT), which was developed by Silver Hill in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. This computer-based series of programs is designed to increase attention, focus, motivation and other traits related to cognitive processes. Patients are assessed to identify their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and training is individualized to address each patient’s deficits, and allow them to move ahead at their own pace in completing different tasks. Patients are reassessed at the completion of training.

Types of treatment offered

Our evidence-based treatments include:

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation
Based on information gathered from the patient, their family and their community clinicians, we develop a preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan.
Pharmacologic Therapies
The use of medications in the treatment of mental health disorders.
Individual and Group Counseling
Counseling provided one-to-one and in groups.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
A goal-oriented therapy that focuses on identifying and changing damaging patterns of thought and behavior.
Psychosocial Skills Training
Training in behavioral techniques aimed at enabling patients with serious mental disorders to manage the negative effects of their disorder and function independently in their communities.
Cognitive Remediation Training
A computer-based series of programs designed to increase attention, focus, motivation and other traits related to cognitive processes.
What you will experience

When you come to Silver Hill for treatment, you can expect a safe environment designed to promote healing and recovery. During the 6-week program you will reside on the second floor of Main House, a farmhouse that was originally built in 1919. It has a large living room and a newly renovated kitchen and dining area. The house has a private backyard with a gazebo and a view of the woods behind. All bedrooms have private baths and accommodate two people. (Private rooms are available at an additional cost). Several times a week, residents prepare and eat meals together as a community. In the afternoon, you will participate in groups focused on building relationships, managing emotions, communication skills, healthy eating, problem solving, and symptom management. A dietitian is available to address weight management issues, and patients with addictions may participate in AA and NA meetings on campus.

Accommodations & Schedule

Michael’s House has a large living room with a kitchen/dining area. All bedrooms have private baths and accommodate two people. (Private rooms are available at an additional cost.) There is a washing machine and a dryer on premises for laundry. While personal cellphones and computers are not permitted, you will have access to iPads and computers within the residence. Visitors are welcome during regular visiting hours. An onsite fitness center, large gymnasium, and indoor pool are available to patients.

Your 14-hour daily schedule includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Group therapy, including psychoeducational and skills groups
  • Medication education
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Psychosocial skills training
  • Cognitive Remediation training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Recreational activities
  • Nutritional consultation, when clinically indicated
  • Visiting hours
Additional Wellness Services

Patients may also purchase our Wellness Services which offer a holistic approach to recovery in recognition of the integration of body, mind and spirit. Services include yoga, acupuncture, personal fitness training, meditation and massage therapy. These alternative therapies are meant to be complementary to traditional medical care, not a substitute for it. They are most effective when combined with medical treatment to help alleviate symptoms of pain and anxiety. The benefits, both short term and long, help promote a feeling of wellness.

We encourage family participation

We recognize that the entire family can be affected when one member suffers from a mental illness. That’s why we encourage families to meet with members of the patient’s treatment team and participate in family programs to help them build stability and develop concrete coping strategies.

In addition, we host a bi-weekly Psychotic Disorders Family Program on Tuesdays from 4:00—5:00 pm that provides education, peer support and self-care. Families learn symptom management, early detection of relapse and communication skills.

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Campus Map

Treatment takes place at Michael’s House.

Take a look inside

Scroll through our photo gallery to see in and around Michael’s House.

Wondering what to bring?

New Canaan is located in Southern New England and weather conditions change seasonally and sometimes during the day. We recommend that you bring one week’s worth of clothing, in one small suitcase and that you be prepared to “layer”.

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