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Silver Hill Hospital - Providing Addiction Counseling and Services Since 1931 Silver Hill Hospital - Provides Counseling and Therapy fo Co-Occurring Disorders Silver Hill Hospital - Providing Addiction Counseling and Services Since 1931 Silver Hill Hospital - Provides Counseling and Therapy fo Co-Occurring Disorders Silver Hill Hospital - Providing Chronic Pain and Recovery Counseling and Services Since 1931

Mental Health and Addiction Programs for Adults

Because Silver Hill is a hospital and because Silver Hill can provide both inpatient and residential treatment; patients have the advantage of our unusually broad and comprehensive range of programs for both adults and adolescents.

Adults and adolescents have different needs so Silver Hill Hospital provides separate programs and facilities within the hospital campus so we can focus on the unique requirements each of these age groups.

  • Patients who are acutely ill and who require intensive psychiatric and nursing supervision are treated in one of our adult inpatient units. Treatments there tend to be medically oriented and the stay is typically short.
  • Patients who are ready for more psychological and behavioral interventions can be treated in our residential Transitional Living Programs, where there is more openness and the treatment course is longer. 


Advantages of Treatment at Silver Hill

The course of recovery from illness is highly variable and many patients move back and forth between the inpatient and Transitional Living programs as the need arises. The smooth transition between levels of care, with the same hospital staff and on the same hospital campus, is another advantage of treatment at Silver Hill Hospital.

One more advantage of treatment at Silver Hill Hospital is our unusual ability to treat co-occurring disorders. Most patients who are hospitalized for either a psychiatric disorder or an addiction have experienced the other at some time in their lives, and often together – the so-called co-occurring disorders. At Silver Hill we have long experience and great expertise in both psychiatric and addiction and our staff has the ability to recognize and treat both together.

Our ability to combine components of several programs or treatment modalities to suit the needs of a particular patient provides yet another advantage of treatment at Silver Hill. An individual patient’s program might include elements of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) directed toward emotional regulation, education about his/her psychiatric illness and its management, pharmacotherapy, behavioral skills training directed toward abstinence from a drug or alcohol and family work, to name just a few possible components.


For patients who suffer from severe or persistent psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder Silver Hill provides a Persistent Psychiatric Disorders Program.  This is a longer-term, on-campus-living program that supplies patients with the intensive treatment necessary to reduce the signs and symptoms of their illness, improve their interpersonal and family relationships and enhance their skills for independent living.

Our Eating Disorder Treatment Program treats people 17 years and older, male and female, who are struggling with these eating disorders: anorexia, orthorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, rumination disorder, and body dysmorphia. As a psychiatric hospital, we are especially able to treat patients who present with serious co-occurring psychiatric problems, such as mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, and personality disorders, along with the eating disorder symptoms. These co-occurring psychiatric disorders often drive and complicate eating disorder symptoms; treating these psychiatric disorders is essential for successful and lasting eating disorder recovery.


Our Chronic Pain and Recovery Center is designed for individuals with a chronic pain syndrome that may include chemical dependence or abuse, depression and anxiety, social isolation, deconditioning of muscles, weight fluctuation, and sleep disturbance, all in addition to physical pain.


Every patient is assigned a Silver Hill staff psychiatrist. An admission always begins with a diagnostic assessment and the development of a treatment plan. Typically these occur in consultation with the referring clinician. Based on the initial assessment treatment interventions might include pharmacotherapy, group therapy, family work and individual consultation sessions with the psychiatrist. Group therapies are the mainstay of our programs and might include, depending on need, skills training, education about illnesses, psychodynamic process groups, DBT, 12-step groups and other forms of group treatment.

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"I would certainly recommend Silver Hill as a place that is safe and secure. The environment, the staff, and the way treatment is carried out here makes this a place where a successful recovery is truly possible."

- Michael