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Why Safety Is Important At Our Hospital

The Patient’s Point of View

We who work at Silver Hill know that it is a first-class psychiatric hospital with a staff and facilities second to none. But we also try to understand the point of view of the patient, their families and loved ones. Because when it comes to treating illnesses of the mind, it is of paramount importance for the patient and their family to both be safe and feel safe here with us—to know they are in good hands and in an environment that will protect and promote their healing.


When our patients and families feel safe, they can trust. And when they can trust they can focus on the treatment process.


This is why the word “safety” means a lot here at Silver Hill. And why we do everything we can build safety into the patient’s experience here—both emotional and physical.

Emotional Safety at Silver Hill

To clinicians and other health professionals, the word “hospital” suggests positive images of a place where they do the good work of healing—a clean, professional well-equipped facility with the personnel, space and tools where they can help their patients.


But to the average person who does not work in the health professions we understand that the word “hospital” might also conjure up images of an antiseptic, cold and unfeeling place, where a cultural wall exists between the patient and the professional. This is NOT what Silver Hill is all about.


We work to make Silver Hill a hospital that is both the best a health professional and a patient could want. Well staffed, well equipped—yes—but also welcoming and comfortable. Silver Hill is a place where the patient and their family are respected and supported—and, moreover, where they also feel that support.


We strive to engender this feeling of safety every day with every patient at Silver Hill.


Physical Safety at Silver Hill

The emotional safety our patients feel at Silver Hill is fortified by the physical safety measures we take on their behalf. These begin the moment a patient is admitted for treatment.

Here are some of the ways we help increase the physical safety and comfort of our patients:

  • Completely electronic medical records help assure accuracy and an instantaneous, smooth flow of information so staff throughout the hospital are current on a patient’s status. 

  • Separate accommodations, with higher staff-to-patient ratios, are provided for Acute Care Inpatients for increased privacy, supervision and assistance.

  • “Continuity of Care” – Because Silver Hill is a complete psychiatric hospital, we are equipped to provide the appropriate level of care required for a patient at any given time. This means a patient can move seamlessly between Inpatient, Transitional Living and Intensive Outpatient treatment as the need may arise. The patient is also thereby better served with the increased patient familiarity, communication and safety that results from remaining with one staff at one location.

  • Transitional Living adult and adolescent patients are provided with separate accommodations so that each age group may comfortably focus on its unique treatment needs. All units feature a comfortable home-like atmosphere.


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"Our change to fully electronic record-keeping is important for many reasons, most of all for improving patient care. With a comprehensive, paperless system we can raise efficiency, safety and clinical effectiveness to new levels."

- Dr. Ackerman