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Silver Hill Hospital - Providing Addiction Counseling and Services Since 1931 Silver Hill Hospital - Provides Counseling and Therapy fo Co-Occurring Disorders Silver Hill Hospital - Providing Addiction Counseling and Services Since 1931 Silver Hill Hospital - Provides Counseling and Therapy fo Co-Occurring Disorders Silver Hill Hospital - Providing Chronic Pain and Recovery Counseling and Services Since 1931

About Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Hospital is a nonpofit psychiatric hospital located in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Silver Hill Hospital is an academic affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry.

Our Mission

The mission of Silver Hill Hospital is to provide our patients with the best available treatment of mental illness and addiction; and to offer continuing support, counseling and education to our patients and their families in every phase of illness and recovery.


Our Vision

The vision of Silver Hill Hospital is to establish a helpful, lasting relationship with each of our patients, their families and their clinicians in the community and to remain involved in each patient’s care for as long as we are asked. We will educate clinicians, patients, their families and members of the community about the nature and treatment of psychiatric disorders and addictions. We will strive to advance the frontiers of our field through continued scholarship.


Our Values

Individual Dignity – We respect the dignity of all who pass through our doors – the patients, the visitors, the volunteers, the medical staff, the employees – and foster this respect for dignity through all of our efforts.


Tradition of Service – We are committed to our tradition of providing healthcare services necessary to meet the needs of the communities served. We value the long-standing care relationship that exists between the provider of care and their patients and will continue to draw upon the various disciplines within the healthcare delivery system to ensure the continuance of this heritage.


Respect for Rights – We believe that our patients possess inherent rights, including privacy and confidentiality, and these rights shall be known and respected by all of our employees.


Technology with Compassion – We recognize technology and compassion as equal partners in the delivery of healthcare services.


Leadership – We value growth and development of our employees. By creating a collaborative environment in which our employees are given the opportunity to advance and excel, we demonstrate that we look to them for the leadership of tomorrow.


Trust and Fairness – We foster a climate of openness in which all who work here treat one another with trust and fairness. We support open communication to enhance this climate.


Education – We believe in and support the education of our employees, patients and community.


Efficiency – We encourage the strategic and efficient utilization of all resources. Using clinical judgment and good management practices, we demonstrate a commitment to responsible financial stewardship.


Innovation and Diversification – We encourage innovation to advance the programs offered by Silver Hill Hospital. We also value the strategic diversification of healthcare services consistent with our vision.


Community Support – We place great value on those members of our community who support Silver Hill Hospital by volunteering their time and by their philanthropy. In return, Silver Hill Hospital participates in a positive manner in the community.

Read a message from our President and Medical Director. 

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"Everyone at Silver Hill helps patients get better. Our doctors, nurses and therapists assure an environment of excellence. Our support staff and volunteers bring this vision to every aspect of care and every patient interaction."

- Ward Cleary and Deann Murphy,
   Former Board Co-Chairs