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Silver Hill Hospital has a long history of collaboration with referring clinicians

Our Centers of Expertise
How we partner with you

We have been collaborating with referring clinicians for eight decades and we work hard to earn your trust every day. From initial diagnosis through return to your care, we are here to partner with you in the treatment of your patients.

When you refer to Silver Hill you can:

Rely on us to provide an accurate evaluation, full diagnostic assessment and treatment plan specific to your patient.

Trust your patients will be treated with dignity and respect in a tranquil campus environment designed to foster recovery.

Be assured
patients have access to the type of treatment they need when they need it all in one location – with the ability to move seamlessly from inpatient through transitional living to intensive outpatient without disruption in treatment or dislocation in care.

Count on our ability to treat even the most complex and difficult clinical presentations.

Know members of our expert staff, which includes 14 full-time psychiatrists, plus nurses, social workers, therapists and other caregivers, are available to patients 24/7.

Be certain that family participation in patient recovery is fully supported through regular meetings and specialized programs.

Depend on us to communicate with you throughout your patient’s treatment at Silver Hill.

Expect a transition record that includes the final diagnosis and medication within 24 hours of discharge and a comprehensive discharge summary within 3 business days.

Look forward to satisfied patients and positive treatment outcomes.

Results-based treatment

Patients who complete our Adolescent Transitional Living Program tell us their treatment was vital to their recovery. In a survey of patients who completed this program the majority reported significantly less anxiety and were significantly better able to regulate their emotions compared to when they entered the program.

Levels of Care

As a full service psychiatric hospital we are uniquely positioned to treat addiction and psychiatric disorders. Patients are able to transition seamlessly from inpatient treatment to residential programs to outpatient care depending on their level of need.

Inpatient Treatment
Our inpatient programs for adolescents and adults provide hospitalization for the phase of mental illness that requires medical intervention for symptom reduction and stabilization. We treat patients whose conditions range from anxiety disorders to schizoaffective disorder.

Transitional Living
We offer several residential treatment programs where patients live on campus for an extended stay to be treated for persistent psychotic disorders, addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders or chronic pain.

Outpatient Care
For those patients able to live at home, we offer a number of outpatient programs for conditions including addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders and personality disorders.

Treatment modalities

We offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments, including:

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation
Based on information gathered from the patient, their family and their community clinicians, we develop a preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan.
Medical Detoxification
Medically supervised treatment designed to safely eliminate intoxicating or addictive substances from the body.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Designed to provide patients with the skills necessary to regulate emotions, control self-destructive behaviors and improve interpersonal relations.
Electroconvulsive Therapy
A medical treatment that involves applying a brief electric current to the brain, used for specific disorders with evidence-based indications for this treatment.
Grand Rounds

Silver Hill Hospital sponsors several Grand Rounds throughout the year as part of our educational outreach to the medical community.

We are accredited by the Connecticut State Medical Society to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians. Many of our programs are also approved by the National Association of Social Workers, Connecticut Chapter for continuing education credit hours.

Check our events page for a list of scheduled programs.

Silver Hill Hospital
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Allow us to help your patients get better. Contact us today to find out which program might be right for your patient, or to begin the process of arranging for their treatment.

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