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The Steward House at Silver Hill

Intensive Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery
The Steward House at Silver Hill
A refuge for treatment and healing exclusively for high-achieving professionals and executives

Ascending to the upper reaches of your career can be invigorating and challenging. With it comes the personal fulfillment of achievement and the satisfaction of effective leadership. It also brings increased expectations, accountability and pressure. Coupled with the responsibilities of home, family, and your own health and happiness, what was once exciting can quickly become overwhelming.

With pressure from all directions, the impacts of substance use and mental health problems quickly ripple through all parts of your life.

If your struggle reaches a moment of crisis, undergoing treatment in a place where you feel comfortable and understood is paramount to recovery. A private, safe place where you can heal alongside peers facing the same struggle, with the support of a highly professional clinical team, and in an environment cultivated with high-achievers like you in mind. A place like The Steward House at Silver Hill.

A transitional living program exclusively for leaders to rediscover and strengthen the skills necessary for long-term recovery and wellness

The Steward House exclusively treats accomplished professionals and leaders, the stewards of their organization. Our program allows you to undergo intensive therapy free from major stressors and triggers in a compassionate environment designed to address your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art professional treatment will help you rediscover and strengthen the skills necessary for long-term recovery and wellness.

The Steward House program represents a collaboration among Silver Hill Hospital, Yale New Haven Health and the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. The program uniquely weds the distinctive professionalism and environment of the Silver Hill Hospital with the innovative clinical leadership of Yale Psychiatry, one of the top programs in the U.S.

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Who we treat

The Steward House at Silver Hill exclusively treats professionals and executives struggling with substance use and other psychiatric disorders. Typically, our patients are responsible for the welfare, livelihood, and success of their organization, employees, or the general public.

More specifically:

  • Current or former executive or senior leaders of corporations, healthcare, education, law, government, transportation, financial, sports, entertainment, and other industries
  • Professionals who have had significant organizational responsibility for patient, client, employee, or consumer care (such as physicians, other healthcare professional leaders, attorneys, pilots, brokers, bankers, artists, or athletes)
What we treat

Our program specializes in the treatment of complex mental health and addiction problems. The most commonly treated psychiatric disorders in The Steward House at Silver Hill include: substance-related and addictive disorders, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.


Where we treat

The Steward House at Silver Hill is located on a picturesque, 44-acre wooded campus in New Canaan, CT. A haven for healing and recovery, we cultivate an environment that is safe, nurturing, and private for our patients during their 28-day intensive therapy program.

Executives and professionals live together and undergo treatment in a stately 8-bedroom home with private bedrooms and bathrooms, an in-house chef, technology access, an on-site business and recreation center, and a nearby gym, pool, and wellness center. In addition to these amenities, psychiatric stabilization and detoxification are available when indicated on the hospital campus.

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Fees for Treatment

Transitional living programs are not typically covered by health insurance plans, and are most often a direct expense for patients or their families. Some insurance policies may cover a small portion of the cost. Our staff will help you determine whether you have benefits that allow coverage for some of the costs of this program and, if you do, we will seek authorization from your insurance company to use your benefit.

Our treatment team
Our dedicated team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and counselors are experts in providing state-of-the-art, professional treatment in a highly confidential and safe environment.

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